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Zhongshan huayang plastic pigment co., LTD. Is an enterprise specializing in the one-stop service of production, sales and technical support of reflective materials, modified materials, LED light diffusion materials, PC reflective materials, PS reflective materials, PC light diffusion materials, PS light diffusion materials, PP light diffusion materials, masterbatch, toner, engineering plastics and so on. The company now has 9 national invention patents, fo ...

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Diffusion plate: the principle of diffusion plate

Diffusion plate: the principle of diffusion plate

About in front of the diffuser plate has simple analyzed some of its species, so thus we also know that it has five kinds, then analyze the diffuser plate diffus...

How diffusion plates work

How diffusion plates work

How does the diffusion plate work, how does it work, how can it be used by diffusion, and to know that, we need to know how the diffusion plate works, and the di...

Reflective material, modified materials, LED light diffusion, PC reflective materials, and custom plastic pigment toner and project requirements
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